(Beta) FAQs

Welcome to our (Beta)FAQs! We’re at the beginning of our journey and we’re excited you’re here to build with us. As we release new features and improve functionality, we’ll be updating this page to keep you in the loop. You can always reach us at info@galleon.io for feedback, specific questions, or a word of encouragement.

What is Galleon?

Galleon is the unlisted real estate marketplace where you can Name Your Number™ as a Seller, and access exclusive off-market inventory as a Buyer.

Does Galleon have agents?

No. Galleon is a technology-based platform that helps buyers and sellers connect directly, while empowering them with tooling to navigate the home buying/selling process.

How is Galleon different from a traditional real estate listing?

To start, listing on Galleon is always free. In a few easy steps, you can passively list your property for the price you decide, and entertain offers that meet your criteria. Because Galleon is designed for passive listings, days-on-market is a thing of the past.

Name Your Number™? What's that?

It’s simple. Name Your Number™ and set a price that you’d be willing to pack your things, say bye to your home, and move somewhere else.

How do I contact Galleon?

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, drop us a line on our Suggestions Page.

Can I list more than one property for sale?

Yes. You can list each of your properties one-by-one, or feel free to email us at info@galleon.io and we’d be happy to assist you in a bulk upload.

How often can I make changes to my listing?

Update your listing whenever you want from your Account Page. Simply Login. go to Account in the top right navigation bar, and click the Edit Your Listing pencil icon underneath your address. You can also Hide your listing from being public, as well as re-publish, anytime from the Edit Your Listing Page.

How can I hide my listing on Galleon?

You have the ability to hide your property on Galleon anytime from your Edit Your Listing Page. Simply toggle your property from Visible to Hidden. Whenever you're ready, toggle it back to Visible to make it searchable and appear on the map.

How can I close my account on Galleon?

We’d be sad to see you go - and promise to always welcome you back with open arms - but if you want to close your account, email us at info@galleon.io.

How long will my listing be up and publicly available?

Simple: As long as you are still the owner of the property and have chosen to keep your listing public. If we see your account has been inactive for a while, we may check in to confirm that you would still like to have your property listed publicly.

When I list my property, is Galleon listing my home in the MLS as FSBO?

No. Galleon is its own marketplace and not linked with the MLS.

Can I list the home without the address showing on the internet?

No, at the moment, the property address will be displayed on the map and property detail page.

How do I schedule showing and open houses?

We’ll leave that up to you, however we do strongly encourage that you verify any and all potential buyers who want to schedule a viewing.

Can I provide my own photos? What are the photo rules?

Yes. We’ve scoured the internet for publicly available photos of your property, but we understand that they may not be the most up to date. You can submit your own photos at any time. Photos must be of the property and relevant to selling the home.

How many photos can I add to my listing?

There is a minimum of 1 photo and up to a maximum of 20 photos on your listing.

What happens after I complete my listing?

We’ll need to verify a few things prior to publishing your listing such as ownership of the property, property details, etc. Once everything has been approved, your listing will be published for potential buyers to view. If a buyer is interested in your property, we’ll put you in touch.

Will my contact information be publicly available? Can I choose to only be contacted by email or text?

No. We will never share your contact information publicly. We’ll only put you in touch with a potential buyer once you have agreed to begin a conversation with them.

My title shows incorrect owners or my tax bill has incorrect square footage? Can you list it differently than shown on public records?

Contact info@galleon.io to get in contact with us regarding any inaccurate property information as it compares to public record.

Can I relist a home that I have previously unlisted?

Of course. You’re in control.


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